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AOP and IGP are two official quality marks, dedicated to local products which typify a region having their own unique character and inimitable taste. They guarantee the authenticity of the products that have been produced in accordance with traditional methodologies.

With the AOP, the production process is undertaken entirely in the region of origin, from production of its raw materials to final manufacture.

With the IGP, at least one step of the process must be undertaken in the region of origin.

Valais brand

The Valais brand is a mark of recognition of the origin and quality of products which are emblematic of the Canton of Valais.

With the Valais brand, the consumer must have the certainty that they are purchasing a quality product which, in addition, comes from an enterprise that is conscious of the values inherent in its production methods together with respect for environmental and social norms.

The criteria attributed to this brand are: products must originate from the Valais, adherence to the specifications and the commitment of the enterprise through the signature of a charter and respect for the values of the brand and the principles of sustainable development. This procedure is monitored and validated by an independent agency.

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Saveurs du Valais

The “Saveurs du Valais” brand is awarded to restaurant owners and caterers who would like to promote authentic regional dishes.

In restaurants which display this label, one can find at least 3 hot dishes from the Valais and 2 desserts made from Valais products as well as the traditional “Valaisanne plate” consisting of AOP Valais rye bread, IGP Valais dried meat, raw ham, sausage, bacon and Valais cheeses.

Integrated production

Objective: To produce quality foodstuffs whilst respecting human health and the global environment (soil, water, air and biotope).

The vast majority of produce in Valais is cultivated in accordance with the principles of “integrated production” or “rational production”.

Integrated production respects the environment and the consumer by authorising the minimal use of mineral fertilizers and phytosanitary products, such as insect powders and weed killers. Only those quantities that are strictly necessary may be used. Products that are toxic for man and useful insects are forbidden.

In this method of production, a good deal of attention is paid to the selection of the site and of the varieties, as well as the protection of the soils and the cultivation process.

Careful attention is also paid to the social factors and the safety of the workforce, through compliance with the collective agreement and attendance at training courses on accident prevention.

Strict, regular inspections which are made on the premises of the producers and at the various stages of the marketing and distribution, guarantee the strict application of the regulations which have been established.


This organic label is given to producers who comply with the Federal regulations on organic agriculture. The key principles relating to the production and preparation of organic products are as follows:

- The natural cycles and processes are taken into consideration;
- The use of additives and artificial chemical ingredients is avoided;
- The number of animals on a farm must be related to the size available.

There are several organic labels, the most well known in Switzerland being the “bud”. The Valais farmers organise themselves as the “Biovalais” association.

Valais Agritourism Charter

By signing the Valais Agritourism Charter, farmers and producers commit to offering overnight stays, savours and explorations based on the agricultural environment. Their offers encompass the values of quality, conviviality, well-being and an enterprising spirit.


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