AOP Mund saffron

Some gold to spice up your dishes

Area of origin: the saffron is produced in the territory of the commune of Mund, a small village on the right bank of the Rhône, above Naters.

Composition: saffron comes from a flower, Crocus sativus L.

Appearance, taste/flavour: there are three red/orange coloured stigmas hanging from the flower which strictly speaking is what the saffron is made from. They are dried and made into a powder.

To enjoy: saffron adds spice to many dishes

Seasonality: the harvest takes place in October/November

Conditions and length of preservation: several months in a dry place, away from the light

Where can one purchase some AOP Mund Saffron?  It is rather difficult to buy Mund Saffron as you will need to go there to do so. One can also taste it in the village restaurant in a number of different ways, saffron bread, saffron rice, ice-cream flavoured with saffron or in distilled alcohol.

All the work related to the cultivation, harvesting and drying of the stigmas is carried out by hand. The culture hors-sol (using feed supplied by other farms) and the use of bulbs produced  from genetically modified organisms are forbidden.

Harvesting and drying are long, delicate operations that need to be carried out at a very specific time. Entire families are mobilised to accomplish this communal work, which explains how the know-how has been passed from one generation to the next since at least 1870. (DE)


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