IGP Valais dried meat

Born from nature and the ingenuity of the mountain people

Area of origin: The meat comes exclusively from Switzerland and is processed in the Valais.

Composition: beef, salt, spices. Packaged in blocks or pre-sliced.

Appearance, taste/flavour: the meat is of a very dark red colour. It is available with a wide range of tastes as the mixture of spices used and the duration of the drying period have a significant impact on the flavour of the IGP Valais dried meat.

To enjoy: for the aperitif, accompanied by AOC Valais rye bread and gherkins, on a valaisanne plate and in a carpaccio.

Seasonality: year round

Conditions and length of preservation: several weeks in a dry place away from light.

In the past, due to the difficult climatic conditions in the Alps, the people had to ensure that they had sufficient sustainable food reserves to enable them to survive during the harsh winter season.

The relatively dry climate enabled meat to be dried rather than smoked, a tradition which survives until today.

The pieces of meat are covered with a mixture of salt and spices, the recipe being unique to each producer. This allows the know-how of each of the producers to be expressed and guarantees a wide diversity in the taste of the various dried meats. (FR/DE) (FR/DE)


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