Raw ham IGP and bacon IGP

Prepared traditionally

Area of origin: The meat comes from Switzerland, it is processed in Valais.

Composition: pork meat, salt and spices. The types of spices which are added as well as the length of the drying period are decided by the butcher. The drying period lasts between 4 and 10 weeks and is verified on a daily basis.

The know-how of the artisan butcher enables him to supervise and master the parameters relating to the humidity of the air, temperature and ventilation, in order to obtain a good quality raw ham or bacon.

Appearance, taste/flavour: A huge selection of raw hams and bacons can be found in the Valais that vary according to the spices used and the know-how of the artisan butcher.

To enjoy: during the aperitif, with a plate of IGP Valais dried meat, with AOC Valais Rye bread and gherkins, on a  Valaisanne plate, and as an accompaniment to a brisolée (a chestnut and cheese dish), …

Seasonality: year round

Conditions and length of preservation: several weeks when stored in a dry place and away from the light.


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