AOP Valais rye bread

Valais, birthplace of the AOP Valais rye bread

Area of origin: The cereals are produced in the Valais using methods that are respectful of the environment. The flour is ground in mills situated in the region and the bread is made in the Valais.

Composition: Minimum of 90% rye flour, maximum of 10% wheat flour, yeast, salt and water.

Appearance, taste/flavour: round shape, cracked appearance, grey-brown colour, AOP label, with a distinctive slightly acidic yeast flavour and slightly acidic aroma. 250g, 500g or 1kg in weight.

To enjoy: for breakfast or as a snack, spread with honey or jam, for an aperitif, spread with butter and as an accompaniment to IGP Valais dried meat or smoked salmon.

Seasonality: year round

Conditions and length of preservation: a few days, in a dry place away from the light.

For a long time, rye bread was the staple daily food in the villages of the Valais. Rye is indeed the only cereal that is able to adapt to the conditions found in the mountains.

The AOP Valais rye bread ensures the continued cultivation of rye in the Valais and therefore helps to safeguard the landscapes. The basic recipe is clearly specified, however the individual touch of each of the artisan bakers ensures that each Valais Rye bread loaf has a different taste. (FR/DE) (FR/DE)


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