Apricot trees

Apricot trees announce the arrival of spring, as they are the first fruit trees to flower, before the cherry, apple and pear trees.

Fruits and vegetables, a significant part of the agricultural economy of the Valais

Production of fruits and vegetables is carried out by 380 professional tree growers and market gardeners. It represents 1/5th of the value of Valais agriculture.

Apple trees are planted on 1,200 hectares, pear trees on 450 hectares and apricot trees on 680 hectares. Market gardening is carried out on 370 hectares.

Apricot trees

The cultivation of apricot trees is an old tradition in the canton of Valais.  96% of Swiss apricots come from this region.

The warm, sandy soil of the Rhone valley, the pure water from the glaciers used for irrigation and the ideal microclimate, have for a long time guaranteed the beautiful colouration and strong flavour of the apricots. The Apricot from Valais, more specifically the Luizet variety, is one of the raw ingredients of the famous Swiss apricot brandy.

There are many varieties that mature at different times so it is possible to have fruits throughout the summer!


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