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Le Refuge

Spécialités: Asparagus, Valaisanne plate, Raclette, Viande d'hérens

Site: in the heart of the Val d’Hérens, the Refuge d’Evolène is a stopping point in a privileged position, with a warm, welcoming décor and an unimpeded view of the majestic Dent Blanche.

Valaisian cuisine: sophisticated cuisine which offers Fleur d’Hérens beef in the form of entrecôte steak, fillet, stew simmered in pinot noir, racletteburger, carpaccio (thin slices of raw meat),or steak tartare (finely chopped raw meat). Lamb from Evolène (rack, chops,or medallions of leg simmered in sweet spices) and cheese dishes (raclette, croûtes from les Haudères, Evolène salad on toast with a melted topping of tomme cheese from the mayens). Valaisian game in autumn. Fine choice of vintage wines by the glass.

Véronique Vuignier

Le refuge Rte de Lannaz 1983 Evolène
Téléphone : +41 27 283 19 42

Open from 8.30 am until midnight. High season: Tuesdays to Sundays. Low season: Wednesdays to Sundays. Access: motorway exit Sion-Est, take the Val d’Hérens road to Evolène, next to the school as you leave the village (25 kms).

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