Aromatic herbs and spices

Flavours and aromas to delight your senses…

Area of origin: Canton of Valais, middle altitude mountain areas

Production: The purity of the air and the quality of the soils enable more than 35 aromatic plants to be cultivated using entirely organic methods of production.

Camomile, lemon balm, sage, verbena, mint and thyme are examples of the many varieties cultivated in Valais.

To enjoy: Aromatic herbs can be used fresh in your cooking or purchased dried to flavour your dishes. Have a look on the condiments from Grand-Saint-Bernard

They can also be drunk in the form of herbal teas or crunchy in the famous Ricola sweets…

In addition to aromatic herbs, farmers in the Valais also cultivate plants that are used in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics.

“Artemisia annua” used as a treatment against malaria is a good example, together with the edelweiss.

This plant, which is emblematic of our mountains, has been domesticated by scientists. The cultivated edelweiss is used in the production of liqueurs as well as beauty products because it has very good anti-oxidant properties. It is strictly forbidden to pick edelweiss in the wild.


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