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The Valais brand is a mark of recognition of the origin and quality of products which are emblematic of the Canton of Valais.

With the Valais brand, the consumer must have the certainty that they are purchasing a quality product which, in addition, comes from an enterprise that is conscious of the values inherent in its production methods together with respect for environmental and social norms.

The criteria attributed to this brand are: products must originate from the Valais, adherence to the specifications and the commitment of the enterprise through the signature of a charter and respect for the values of the brand and the principles of sustainable development. This procedure is monitored and validated by an independent agency.

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AOP Mund saffron

Some gold to spice up your dishesTo enjoy: saffron adds spice to many dishes Seasonality: the harvest takes place in October/November Conditions and length of preservation: several months in a dry place, away from the light Where can one purchase some AOP Mund Saffron?  It is rather difficult to buy Mund Saffron as you will need to go there to do so. One can also taste it in...

AOP Valais pear eau-de-vie

From the orchard to the glass, the intensity of a Poire Williams…To enjoy: after a good meal, as a dessert with a pear sorbet, in a cocktail or in a cake. Seasonality: On sale throughout the year Suggested serving temperature: 8 to 12 °C. Conditions and length of preservation: indeterminate, store in a dry place, away from the light.

AOP Valais rye bread

Valais, birthplace of the AOP Valais rye breadTo enjoy: for breakfast or as a snack, spread with honey or jam, for an aperitif, spread with butter and as an accompaniment to IGP Valais dried meat or smoked salmon. Seasonality: year round Conditions and length of preservation: a few days, in a dry place away from the light.


An apple from the Valais a day, keeps the doctor away !To enjoy: At any time of the day, fresh or cooked. Seasonality: mid August to the end of June. Conditions and length of preservation: A few days at room temperature, several weeks in a cool and dark storage room.   

apricot brandy AOP

Its pure taste amazes your senses…To enjoy: After a good meal, as a dessert with an apricot sorbet, in a cocktail or a cake. Seasonality: available year round Suggested serving temperature: 8 to 12° C. Conditions and length of preservation: indeterminate, should be stored in a dry place, away from the light. 


Valais apricots, the sun in your plate !To enjoy: any time of the day, fresh or cooked. Apricots can be prepared in many ways. Seasonality: Summer - from mid-June until the end of August Conditions and length of preservation: Best eaten on the day of purchase. They can be kept up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. May also be frozen, dried or preserved in alcohol.

Aromatic herbs and spices

Flavours and aromas to delight your senses…To enjoy: Aromatic herbs can be used fresh in your cooking or purchased dried to flavour your dishes. Have a look on the condiments from Grand-Saint-Bernard They can also be drunk in the form of herbal teas or crunchy in the famous Ricola sweets…


Valais asparagus, an unforgettable delightTo enjoy: cooked or simply accompanied by raw ham and mayonnaise Seasonality: April - June Conditions and length of preservation: a few days in the refrigerator, wrapped in a damp tea towel.


Colors and flavorsTo enjoy: at any time of day, fresh or cooked Seasonality: July-August Conditions and length of preservation: should be eaten quickly after picking or purchase. They can be stored in the refrigerator for one day, without cramming or squeezing them. For jams and jellies, they should be used just after picking as the fruits lose their gelling capacity rather quickly.


Valais cherries, pearls of the Alps!To enjoy: fresh! Cooked in a clafoutis dessert; in savoury dishes as an accompaniment to poultry, especially duck. Seasonality: June Conditions and length of preservation: cherries need to be eaten quickly, within 3-4 days if they are kept in a cool room. They can be kept 2 or 3 days in the vegetable compartment of the fridge but lose their fragrance and...



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